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In Just 2 Years On LinkedIn, Have Grown My Network By 50X, Reached Over 1.5Million Eyeballs, Spoke At 70+ Events including TEDx, And Got More 65% of My Clients Inbound.
With No Money Spent On Advertising.

With Khushboo Nangalia

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What You'll Learn

  • DO’s & DON'T of Linkedin

  • What should you have - FREE or Paid Account?

  • How to get more people to visit your PROFILE?

  • How to get RECOMMENDATIONS & endorsement on Linkedin?

  • How do you get your TARGET AUDIENCE to notice you?

  • Why build an impactful personal brand and it's value?

  • Looking for a job, best hack and tricks!

What our Students Have to Say


    "I attended Khushboo's KillingItOnLinkedIn course and it was fun, well structured, easy to follow and digest. Its really practical and when I followed my profile got a makeover, I'm now scoring way better and I know how to improve it faster."

    Love the tips, and thank you Khushboo for the laughs, the fun and for all the tips you shared! Love your smile too! So beautiful! Would definitely recommend to people who wants to know how to improve, connect better and Kill It On LinkedIn!

    Dini Tajudin


  • Erika-Laszlo

    "I am extremely grateful for Khushboo and her team about their Killing it on Linkedin workshop I attended! It was super powerful, full of information I haven't known about (and you cannot find it on the internet) that helped me create a much better Linkedin profile and to know much more about Linkedin."

    It was the best ever workshop, knowledge and practical help about Linkedin I have ever paid for. The workshop was very well structured, easy to follow and then execute with her continuous help. I learned so much I cannot tell!

    Erika Laszlo

    Founder, Co-Owner, Leader Instructor
    SuperConscious World™

  • Henry-Ho

    "I was one of the participants of the workshop "Killing It On LinkedIn", which was an experience of exponential growth for me."

    Khushboo is not only highly energetic and passionate in everything she puts her mind to, she also adapts well to any obstacles or challenges that comes her way.

    Henry Ho


  • Abhisek-Rath

    "I had an opportunity to learn from Khushboo and her team about using LinkedIn effectively through her workshop 'Kill it on LinkedIn'."

    Her energy and enthusiasm to teach people was second to none. I believe she has in depth knowledge and the right approach about attracting organic engagement and leads on the platform. She is a great team player and a leader. I would highly recommend her to work with, and learn from her through her workshops.

    Abhisek Rath

    Manufacturing Engineer
    Hirschvogel Automotive Group

  • Anupama-Murali

    "I attended a training called "Killing it on LinkedIn" by Khushboo and her team. What I liked most about the training was the energy that Khushboo brought to each session apart from extremely useful information."

    As a trainer myself, I think what sets one training apart is the genuineness of the trainer. Had a great time learning and would recommend the training for anyone who is looking to Raise the Bar on LinkedIn.

    Anupama Murali

    Certified Coach, Founder
    Forward Focus

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Who is Khushboo Nangalia

Khushboo is an award-winning entrepreneur, marketer and founder of BEYOND99, a global digital growth agency (based out of Malaysia, India & Canada) with a vision of driving digital innovation by providing data-driven marketing & consultancy to businesses reinvigorate digitally.

As a Global Goodwill Ambassador (Malaysia) and WEForShe Ambassador – she believes in paying it forward & inspire future leaders and rise by lifting others.

Started early at 17; with over a decade of experience now she's an expert in Business Storytelling & Millennial Marketing – with a reputation as one of the most dynamic and accomplished young innovators and leaders (under 30).

  • ‘100 Most Influential Youth Marketing Leader’ Award by CMO Asia
  • ‘Women Business Leaders in Malaysia’ Award by World CSR and World Sustainability
  • 'Excellence & Leadership in Branding & Marketing’ by Golden Globe Tiger Awards
  • TEDx speaker on ‘Power of Business Storytelling’ in 2018
  • 2x 'Top LinkedIn Icons in Malaysia’ by Marketing in Asia and TheSunDaily Newspaper
  • As a Global Goodwill Ambassador – she believes in paying it forward by inspiring future leaders.

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    Hosted Malaysia's 1st MarTech Summit & spoke on Power of Storytelling

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    Talking on Power of Storytelling at the Asia Pacific Martech Summit Malaysia

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What you will get

  • DO’s & DON'T of Linkedin

  • What should you have - FREE or Paid Account?

  • How to get more people to visit your PROFILE?

  • How to get RECOMMENDATIONS & endorsement on Linkedin?

  • How do you get your TARGET AUDIENCE to notice you?

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