Lee Jiuan DIONG: 20 Top Rising Stories on Linkedin 2 mins read ~ 27 July, 2021

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Lee Jiuan DIONG

Conference & Event Director
LaTwin Management

What does your company do?

Event Management, Conceptualization & Execution, Virtual / Live show event technical support, Event marketing and PR planning

How’s pandemic been for you - what’s yours last 12 month story?

We swift our focus to Live show technical support, becoming a mobile studio for client for Live show to live stream on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and their website (if they have set it up).

We also start supporting trainers that want to conduct online training to assist them in their training administration work such as Zoom meeting support, email reminder, and WhatsApp support.

Also we are working with client in managing virtual conference and congresses. In some part, we assist and consult the client on the social media event branding.

How are empowering yourself with LinkedIn?

Build trust and transparency, Offer technical advice and content

Why did you rebound to LinkedIn?

See trend in digital marketing and personal branding. Starting my own company.

  • 3X


    Before: 590
    After: 1,987

  • 2X

    Content Reach

    Before: 607
    After: 1,303

  • 5.5X

    Profile Visibility

    Before: 50
    After: 275

Would love to hear your "This is awesome" moment on LinkedIn?

Post reach the top 1% engagement on LinkedIn.

Share your Linkedin journey?

I rediscover the magic of LinkedIn after the training with "Killing it with LinkedIn". Understanding each of the components of the social media and slow establish an identity on LinkedIn.

Your AHA moment on the Killing it on Linkedin Workshop?

Consistency and frequency in the timing of the post.

A learning that you would like to share with everyone?

Take action and do it. Action brings success!

What do you love doing on weekends?

Game on! (Mobile & PlayStation).