Malar Villi: 20 Top Rising Stories on Linkedin 5 mins read ~ 27 July, 2021

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Malar Villi

Specialist - EQ
Hearts & Minds

What does your company do?

Training & Consultancy.

How’s pandemic been for you - what’s yours last 12 month story?

When lockdown was introduced in March , I was so happy as I had the permission to be free , free to be the mum I had wanted to be . So , I took it all in , cooking and enjoying with my kids . When my mentor caught up with me to find out how I am feeling , I announced that I may take a Sabbatical break . I wasn’t going o do all the stuff the world was telling me to do : Go online , network . Oh no .

I joined an amazing support group Nugget & Nudges and these women were Tech savvy and I Jung hung out with then to figure myself out . And then I attended a program by Jimbo Clark and it blew my mind away . It’s possible for me to run workshops online and have the same impact that we use to get.

My sleepless nights started . The next 6 months , I enrolled for any possible courses I could manage. I got brave and started doing my own videos and got called to speak by a couple of groups . Now I was meeting many awesome acquaintances on LI and I realised I needed to learn. So finally managed into Salt & Pepper’s programs , at the last hour , literally speaking, to figure out how to show up on Li decently.My live changed for forever . The first session as Khusboo asked me to choose between the organisational brand and personal brand, I struggled to choose . That led me to think through my brand all over again and as I implemented the various lessons I learnt from LI, I found my groove. Now , I wake up everyday looking forward to be with friends and new acquaintances who may become friends one day when I am in Linked IN. I have met acquaintance who have helped me through and continue to support both in my personal and professional life . Some are people who, I wouldn’t have dreamt to meet but met anyway and we forging forward together.

We have started running virtual and if its’ not for the pandemic , I don’t think we would have been ready for today and if not for Linked In , the journey may have been a lot more challenging

How are empowering yourself with LinkedIn?

Visibility through EQ content.

Why did you rebound to LinkedIn?

Covid 19

  • 3X


    Before: 1,000
    After: 3,610

  • 33X

    Content Reach

    Before: 200
    After: 6,703

  • 11X

    Profile Visibility

    Before: 100
    After: 1,117

Would love to hear your "This is awesome" moment on LinkedIn?

Finding friendships that matter and are real in a virtual world.

Share your Linkedin journey?

I have generally enjoyed consuming content on Linked in quietly since 2011 . I followed individuals whom I enjoyed learning from about a specific subject, thoughts and ideas. It became my preferred platform especially after I met Bavani Peraisamy who is a LI hero. I enjoyed being passive consumer and I was engaging with my friends who tagged me. When I got into the list of LI Icons by MIA in 2018 I was surprised and encouraged. When Khus gave me perspectives of how to think through , I found more clarity about my LI presence and I began to be more engaged and put out more content bravely. I slowly found people who were interested in my thought., tagged me and supported and respond to me. What a wonder as I slowly found my tribe members and enjoy being in this space. In fact when I get too busy, I miss it .


  • Know how you want to show up in the linked in ‘arena’ and be real , you will find you tribe members , slowly but surely
  • When you want to contribute , people will reciprocate by adding value to your life
  • Being clear of you intention of being here , find your true voice , speak up and show up
  • You will find real friends as you invest in building relationship and they will want you to succeed , because now they know you
  • Collaborations will happen beyond borders in ways that you may not have imagined . The world becomes : just a linked in away
Life during pandemic has become not just bearable but beautiful with linked In.
Have I told you that one of my dreams were to bring “pains to pearls stories’ ? And the joy I get in doing it through LINKED In Live : Being Whole Being me on Fridays . In short my journey towards Being Whole Being Me was shortened with Linked In.

Your AHA moment on the Killing it on Linkedin Workshop?

Personal Branding vs Corp Branding.

A learning that you would like to share with everyone?

Find your Why.

What do you love doing on weekends?

Friends ,Cooking, Chilling , TV.