Nicholas Hira: 20 Top Rising Stories on Linkedin 1 min read ~ 27 July, 2021

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Nicholas Hira


What does your company do?

BizMetch is a B2B MatchMaking Platform that Matches Credible Businesses to Trade, Promote & Connect.

How’s pandemic been for you - what’s yours last 12 month story?

Pandemic has been a bitter n sweet experience. Sweet as it brought good traction to the platform as businesses were eager to go digital. Yet bitter as our investors face some major financial loses n could comply to their investment commitment which led to our challenge to survive n thrive.

How are empowering yourself with LinkedIn?

By building my personal branding n professional network.

Why did you rebound to LinkedIn?

During COVID its was great business networkibg platform.

  • 1.5X


    Before: 600
    After: 900

  • 8X

    Content Reach

    Before: 50
    After: 400

  • 4X

    Profile Visibility

    Before: 50
    After: 200

Would love to hear your "This is awesome" moment on LinkedIn?

Connected with many thought leaders & got lots of recommendations.

Share your Linkedin journey?

Being on Linkedin has been a great n amazing professional journey. Got lots of exposure n connections.

Your AHA moment on the Killing it on Linkedin Workshop?

The community support n love. Plus the founders care & passion to see us grow. My profile overhaul. Amazing.

A learning that you would like to share with everyone?

Keep learning n keep growing.

What do you love doing on weekends?

Movies Dinner & Drive with Wife n Kids.