Sajna Samad: 20 Top Rising Stories on Linkedin 4 mins read ~ 27 July, 2021

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Sajna Samad

Supply Chain Consultant & Career Coach
Oracle Systems Ltd (Consultant) & Desire.Aspire.Inspire (Coach)

What does your company do?

Oracle: Technology Digital Transformations using Cloud.

How’s pandemic been for you - what’s yours last 12 month story?

It is been life changing. I have connected with my purpose and have started my coaching journey with my 9-5 job. I am now a certified coach focused on Career coaching. I empower emerging leaders to accelerate their career by helping them create a Unique Selling Personality and Personal Brand. I connected with different people and have grown my network atleast by 80%. I am now considered as an expert in my industry and that has accelerated my journey within Oracle as well.

How are empowering yourself with LinkedIn?

Being active on LinkedIn has increased my visibility within my organization and my customers. Now I am considered as an expert internally and externally, which accelerated my promotion within Oracle as well.

Why did you rebound to LinkedIn?

When I knew my old organization was going through a merger and that there is a chance of being laid off. I started using LinkedIn in to create a network that could support in case anything happens. Now I use LinkedIn on a daily basis, being on LinkedIn helps me create a network, connect authentically with my customers, learn and share my know-how with my network.

  • 1.7X


    Before: 2,000
    After: 3,477

  • 2X

    Profile Visibility

    Before: 400
    After: 831

Would love to hear your "This is awesome" moment on LinkedIn?

My first awesome moment was within 6 months of being active on LinkedIn, when I received my first interview request from Oracle, they found me through me Linkedin

My second moment was I invited to be part of Amity University Commerce Board through a connection whom I have only met and interacted through Linkedin.

My third awesome moment recently was when Sam Horn author of Tongue fu! , 3 times TEDx speaker, author of 9 best selling books reached out to me when I sent her a connection request, saying that she is ready to do a session for Oracle Women Leadership community which I am leading.

These days I have so many awesome moments: I connect with different thought leaders, I got a new client and also I am able to connect with my network considering the covid crisis.

Share your Linkedin journey?

I started my journey on LinkedIn 4.5 years back. Until last year LinkedIn was the only social media I was active on as I saw the value LinkedIn add to my career and personal life. be it in terms of creating a purposeful community or be it the learning you have, Linkedin is such a positive space which makes me feel as if I learn when I spent time in it. Very few social media platforms actually does that. I received the interview call from Oracle 6 months after I started becoming active on Linkedin. From then ownwards my LinkedIn journey has been phenomenal. With a network of more than 3400 connections, i now learn and share my learnings within my network. When Covid started, I realized the potential of coaching and took that up as my passion. Now being a consultant and coach LinkedIn is where I meet my clients and interact with.

Your AHA moment on the Killing it on Linkedin Workshop?

I knew LinkedIn was super powerful, but being part of LinkedIn Workshop opened doors to understanding how LinkedIn works and use it to grow my brand within LinkedIn.

A learning that you would like to share with everyone?

Be authentic and share what you know. However small it may seem there will be at least one person that benefit from it. Don't worry much about the likes , focus on the value that you provide to your community. When you start providing value people will start noticing you and will want to work with you.

What do you love doing on weekends?

Meet up with friends, Reading and Coaching my Clients.