Thila Suppiah: 20 Top Rising Stories on Linkedin 2 mins read ~ 27 July, 2021

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Thila Suppiah

People Synergy Asia

What does your company do?

I help organisations with People Engagement , HR Advisory.

How’s pandemic been for you - what’s yours last 12 month story?

I literally went thru a transition past 12 months from being jobless to having my own business.

How are empowering yourself with LinkedIn?

I am building my community by empowering myself and sharing my real stories - which is also helping others. I have grown my network too. I am a POPCON student since June 2020 . I have taken all their programs and it has helped me a lot to become the person I am and I am still a work in progress!

Why did you rebound to LinkedIn?

I lose my job in May 2020 and turned to Linkedin as a source to look for a job - I never write or share anything before that.

  • 6X


    Before: 1,020
    After: 6,700

  • 7X

    Profile Visibility

    Before: 300
    After: 2,070

Would love to hear your "This is awesome" moment on LinkedIn?

All of the above - buiding my own community , receiving recommendation, became a speaker, got new clients ...

Share your Linkedin journey?

My journey to discovering myself only happened after I was retrenched in May 2020 when the world was hit by a pandemic. Many people had challenges, I was hit by sudden death to my corporate career stating my seniority was no longer needed. I just could not give up and try to hide away or get drowned in self-pity... I just could not...wasn't raised as a quitter, how can I give up so fast ... My need to survive and the need to do something different was what really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Today exactly 12 months later... I stand here now ... as a speaker, mentor, trainer, content creator, advisor to leaders, managers, hr practitioners, job seekers, graduates. How I can add value to you? If you are on the route to re-discover, express, inspire, empower yourself and others ..... connect with me! Seize the opportunity for you to grow yourself in what will make you not only just survive but thrive !!! Get out of your comfort zone and be bold - it's easier said than done ...ask me how! It's not easy but it can be done! I am not perfect but that has not stopped me from being who I am – REAL! Don't let anyone stop you!

Your AHA moment on the Killing it on Linkedin Workshop?

Change my picture.

A learning that you would like to share with everyone?

You are who you want to be ! Make the best of the opportunity you make for yourself!

What do you love doing on weekends?

Business growth , finding new ways, learning new skills.