Success Stories

  • Anupama-Murali

    "I attended a training called "Killing it on LinkedIn" by Khushboo and her team. What I liked most about the training was the energy that Khushboo brought to each session apart from extremely useful information."

    As a trainer myself, I think what sets one training apart is the genuineness of the trainer. Had a great time learning and would recommend the training for anyone who is looking to Raise the Bar on LinkedIn.

    Anupama Murali

    Certified Coach, Founder
    Forward Focus

  • Abhisek-Rath

    "I had an opportunity to learn from Khushboo and her team about using LinkedIn effectively through her workshop 'Kill it on LinkedIn'."

    Her energy and enthusiasm to teach people was second to none. I believe she has in depth knowledge and the right approach about attracting organic engagement and leads on the platform. She is a great team player and a leader. I would highly recommend her to work with, and learn from her through her workshops.

    Abhisek Rath

    Manufacturing Engineer
    Hirschvogel Automotive Group

  • Christiana-T-Johnson

    "The kill it on LinkedIn workshop delivered by Khushboo and her team is simply the best online workshop I have ever experienced so far."

    Khushboo‘s attention to detail is second to none, she is truly a leader, professional and an expert in her field. It was packed full of energy, enthusiasm, I learned how to revamp my LinkedIn profile create content and use LinkedIn effectively. I loved it so much I posted a video about my experience. I experienced an increase in my profile view and connection requests within a week on the workshop.

    Christiana T Johnson

    Physical Activity Programme Designer
    Christiana J Fitness

  • Anneliza-Zainal

    "I attended Kushboo's LinkedIn course that was practically a giveaway."

    It was packed with so much insights and loved the way it was sliced to benefit the job seeker, business owner and corporates.
    She is so passionate and gave so much amazing value add in terms of tips and short-cuts, was a really worthwhile course to attend.

    Anneliza Zainal

    Associate Consultant
    Sterling Risk Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

  • Dayal-KRISHNAN

    "Knowledge, Structure and Results: These are the 3 key takeaways from the “Kill it on LinkedIn” workshop that was conducted by Khushboo"

    The results during and at the end of each day spoke for itself as long as you are willing to do your part. I was pleasantly surprised to see a 400%+ increase in the number of views within the week.

    Dayal Krishnan

    Senior Consultant and ICEO Advisor
    Lee Hecht Harrison


    "I attended Khushboo's KillingItOnLinkedIn course and it was fun, well structured, easy to follow and digest. Its really practical and when I followed my profile got a makeover, I'm now scoring way better and I know how to improve it faster."

    Love the tips, and thank you Khushboo for the laughs, the fun and for all the tips you shared! Love your smile too! So beautiful! Would definitely recommend to people who wants to know how to improve, connect better and Kill It On LinkedIn!

    Dini Tajudin


  • Erika-Laszlo

    "I am extremely grateful for Khushboo and her team about their Killing it on Linkedin workshop I attended! It was super powerful, full of information I haven't known about (and you cannot find it on the internet) that helped me create a much better Linkedin profile and to know much more about Linkedin."

    It was the best ever workshop, knowledge and practical help about Linkedin I have ever paid for. The workshop was very well structured, easy to follow and then execute with her continuous help. I learned so much I cannot tell!

    Erika Laszlo

    Founder, Co-Owner, Leader Instructor
    SuperConscious World™

  • Henry-Ho

    "I was one of the participants of the workshop "Killing It On LinkedIn", which was an experience of exponential growth for me."

    Khushboo is not only highly energetic and passionate in everything she puts her mind to, she also adapts well to any obstacles or challenges that comes her way.

    Henry Ho


  • James-Campbell-Grant

    "It was with a little skepticism that I joined Khushboo's Killing in it on LinkedIn Program as I believed that I already knew enough. Khush's unique style in engaging the audience of differing age groups and cultures enabled the Program to take off very quickly."

    From the first lesson I realized that I was not only learning things about the Process but as importantly about myself which I have been able to implement immediately. I would strongly recommend individuals who want to dramatically improve their Profiles and Business opportunities to join the program.

    James Campbell-Grant

    Coach and Mentor

  • Jeff-Cheah

    "What can I say about Khiushboo? Plenty! First of all, her passion is addictive. Her energy is consistently high at any time of the day (need to find out the secret formula) and she is always encouraging and motivating us to practice what we learnt so that we can get great results."

    Indeed, we gotten great results. And that is not all. Her secret sauce is her talent, knowledge and expertise in the subject matter. It shows in her delivery and her style. Thank you Khushboo for sharing your gift with me. I'm forever grateful.

    Jeff Cheah

    Executive Coach & Facilitator
    eCoach Asia PLT