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    Modern Sales Shark Course

    The Modern Sales Shark Course covers detailed concepts of Modern Sales approach in the new normal world for businesses, teams & individual growth seekers. If you’re looking to improve prospecting, connect with better communication strategies, negotiate on your terms, and yet maximize closures moving forward.

    By Anil Menghani 

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Ultimate Sales Mastery

If you're wondering how did we do it? With years of real life experience, Period. You get to reap the benefit of it by achieving what we achieved in years, you can achieve that in a few months! So JUMP right in!


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Our Proprietary 4Cs Framework



    Prospecting is all about finding the Right Customer for your Business Growth.



    Pitching & Presentation is about the way you Communicate online or offline.



    Negotiation comes with its own set of Challenges around Pricing and Promotion.



    Closing can only happen when you have outsmarted the Competition.

  • 3 x Recorded Tracks

    3 x Recorded Tracks

    3 days filled with learning. 1 pre-recorded video each day. Watch anytime, at your convenience. And please do execute!

  • 3 x Live Q/A Session

    3 x Live Q/A Session

    If you've any doubts, join us live we shall be coming 3 times in the entire program only to answer your questions.

  • 1 x Bonus Finale Session

    1 x Bonus Finale Session

    That's a complete LIVE session where you also meet Khushboo Nangalia, we will be sharing tools and hacks + LOTS of FREEBIES.

Unlock the World of MODERN SALES

The 5 Days Program is designed to maximise your growth in the fastest way possible among your future recruiters, prospects, partners, collaborators, network & community

  • Unlearn & Transition from old school of Sales techniques in Modern Sales.
  • Leverage digital platforms like LinkedIn to Connect | Communicate | Close with the Modern Customer and thus navigate the Sales Journey.
  • Learn the Modern Sales Art of Prospecting & Pitching.
  • Tips & Tricks to manage a tough Negotiation.
  • Industry recognized Frameworks for Smarter & Speedier Sales.
  • Real-Life Examples for better implementation.
  • Learn the Art of becoming a Sales Shark and elevate your Modern Sales Approach.

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Here's What Our Students Have To Say About The Program

  • Munaf-Mojib-Chowdhury

    "Having a great time at the Shark Sales training conducted by Team Salt & Papper and arranged by ADA."

    Anil Menghani (the master sales guru) and Khushboo Nangalia (the Linkedin Girl) are amazing trainers for anyone trying to grow technology driven businesses. They bring in so much contagious positive energy every week that you feel highly engaged through fun and insightful sessions.

    Munaf Mojib Chowdhury

    Director Of Business Development

  • Anuar Rozhan

    "It’s been a great experience working with Khushboo, Anil and Chetan to work"

    not only with myself and my team but also in particular in strengthening the sales effort and also marketing team. Social media marketing and reaching out towards clients.

    Anuar Rozhan


  • Farzana-Oshin-Zulhash

    "And after ages feeling the thrill of winning and being appreciated for my efforts and showcasing potential. Thanks to Team Salt & Pepper and ADA."

    Anil Menghani and Khushboo Nangalia - You guys are just the amazing duo of trainers who one should surround themselves with, as you reflect who we want to be and how we want to feel. Thank you for so far helping me change the way I look at things, as they made the things I look at change.

    Farzana Oshin Zulhash

    Director Marketing Technology

  • Nirali-Bhukhanwala

    "My quest to become a sales shark has begun!"

    Looking forward to more insightful, useful training sessions to come.
    Thank you Anil Menghani Khushboo Nangalia

    Nirali Bhukhanwala

    Director, Client Leadership

Know your Coach Anil Menghani

Experienced business leader with two decades of experience in sales, business development, partner management & channel sales.

Recently expanded business for the rapidly growing ‘Series C’ SaaS company in the APAC market and driving product adoption, maximizing sales & managing in-country teams.

Anil calls himself a ‘60 sec guy’ as he feels he can drive conversations in flat sixty seconds and good enough to build relationships. He also has been awarded as ‘Top 10 Asia’s Modern Sales’ which reflects his expertise on LinkedIn & how he transformed his personal branding for growth of the business and scaling it exponentially.

He is a person with varied interests and some of his hobbies include:

  • running (towards success)
  • dancing (to the tunes of business growth)
  • cooking (new business for startups)
  • radio-jockeying (about his personal brand).

Been a part of

  • clevertap
  • insider
  • netcore
  • siemens
  • sify
  • tcs

Ultiamte Sales Mastery

Unlearn & Transition the Old School of Sales Techniques in this Digital World.




  • Rosaly-Tin

    "In the top five leaderboard for 3 consecutive weeks - endless learning and challenging life!"

    Thanks-you ADA for this sales training opportunity with Salt & Pepper’s full experienced coaches,Anil Menghani & Khushboo Nangalia.

    Rosaly Tin

    Sales & Partnership Manager - Mobile Digital Marketing

  • Amir-Ab-Rahman

    "We got engaged with Khush, Anil and Chetan for quite sometime. In the first place I never knew that there are so many things that can be done with LinkedIn."

    With engagements on LinkedIn you can actually get leads for sales!

    Amir Ab Rahman

    People Performance Excellence
    HCMI SEA Pacific

  • Yulanda-Savitri

    "I am very honoured to be awarded the title SHARK OF THE WEEK in MODERN SALES SHARK Program hosted by Salt and Pepper By Beyond99 and ADA "

    Everything I’ve learned over the past 4 weeks has been really useful and very applicable in my day-to-day work. Thanks to our superb Coaches Anil Menghani and Khushboo Nangalia, you made all the Sessions very interesting and insightful for us to take part in.

    Yulanda Savitri

    Sales and Product Manager

Program Curriculum

Day 1

  • Traditional vs Modern Sales
  • Circle of Sales
  • Mindset of Sellers
  • Intelligent Targeting
  • BANT Model
  • Tools & Hacks
  • Real Life Examples

Day 2

  • Pitch Deck
  • Online vs Offline Sales Call Tips
  • Proactive Sensing
  • Messaging Frameworks & Templates
  • Smart Networking
  • Real Life Examples

Day 3

  • Pre-Requisites
  • BATNA Model
  • Price Discounting vs Price Adjustment
  • 3 x 3 Model
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Learning from Movies
  • Real Life Examples

Day 4

  • Closing Techniques
  • Competition Awareness
  • The First Mover Advantage
  • Contract Frameworks
  • Post Sales Engagement
  • 1C to 3C Model
  • Bonus #60Sec Pitch
  • Bonus Linkedin Hacks

Frequently Asked Questions

The time schedule are different for different groups.
Detailed timings shared here

The recorded sessions will be available on the day of the session. While the LIVE session will be always held on 9pm MYT/SGT and 6:30pm IST which is optional for everyone if they have queries and need to ask them.
Yes, you will get a certificate for completion of the workshop, look for the challenges as you go through the program in challenges and fulfil to unlock your certificate in the end - Killing It on LinkedIn.
Please refer the link for more details on the modules and curriculum - https://www.growwithsaltandpepper.com/kill-it-on-linkedin
If you have questions post the session and you need to ask the coach directly, then its important to attend the LIVE session or else in every session - there will slido where you can add your questions to the team and it will be answered. Also the LIVE session will be recorded and available on Facebook Group & YouTube for benefit of those who couldn’t attend.
Yes, you will be part of a WhatsApp group where you can see other participants and part of Facebook Group where you can engage with them. Also the Team Salt & Pepper will keep introduction calls for ‘Meet & Mingle’ before start off every workshop.
You can find out more details about the coach by clicking the following link  https://www.linkedin.com/in/khushboonangalia
You need to remove time for yourself to see the growth you desire. If you don’t have time - it will be difficult for you to understand the course contents and more important on the implementation.
Yes, definitely it will help because as a student in the digital world - its utmost important to know how to build your personal brand that will go a long way for your personal branding.
We at Salt & Pepper don’t guarantee job post the workshop but we can definitely assure you that your personal branding will be better on LinkedIn and this will give you a lot more reach out to potential organisations who are seeking to hire right & talented individuals.
Yes, we are always eager to welcome volunteers as part of #tribe fraternity to volunteer. You can support the initiative by sharing within your community about the workshop and support the cause of #giveback.

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